Remote Staff Inc. builds a better business.

As an Israel-based staffing group, we get your company forward by filling your empty desks with competent English-speaking employees.

Why Israel? Outsourcing enables your business to operate on an expanded time table and secure proficient employees at competitive rates.

You want to uplevel your business. We provide the capable and committed team to make it work.

office establishment

It's hard to manage things 6,000 miles away. Remote Staff Inc. makes over-the-ocean easier by outsourcing required resources to acquire and establish an office. Office space, furnishing and technology is on us so that you can get your business going. 6,000 miles has never been closer.

job placement

New to Israel? Eternal hours at Misrad Hapnim, packing your own groceries, relinquishing corporate success. Nodding? Some things don’t need to come with the territory. At Remote Staff Inc., we make your work, work. Copy-paste your experience and efficiency to a job that enables you to do what you do best. With a diverse client base, we team up to secure your perfect position.


Good hires go higher. Assembling a successful crew to execute your vision is not a DIY job. At Remote Staff Inc., we source talent for tech-savvy and efficient employees. CPA? BCBA? Admin? Our database is as diverse as your needs. From the initial search, to guiding you through the interview process, we are focused on getting far. Let’s get down to business.

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